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We provide technical strategy and advice to help companies innovate with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

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Need Strategy?

1-Hour and 4 One-Hour One-on-One Strategy Sessions to move your company forward.

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Flat Rate, Retained and CTO Services meeting your needs and budget.

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Business Strategy

As a business owner, you need to increase revenues and grow your company.
We’ll work together on a 4-step process to get things done.
You’ll walk away equipped with the tools to refine your business and a framework to do your own business strategy.

Blockchain Strategy

As a business owner, you may ask:
What is a Blockchain?
How do I use it in my business?
What can we can use it for?
We’ll work together on a 4-Step process to innovate your business.
You’ll walk away with all the documents, tools and frameworks to create and execute a Blockchain company.


As a business owner, you may need someone to help you with your Technology Strategy. You may ask:
Which Tech Stach do I use?
How do I grow and scale my Tech?
Should I incorporate emerging tech into my business?
Who can talk with investors?
We’ll work together longer term to get your business ready for scale.

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Our Process – We Make it Easy 


Step 1 - The Brief

Client collaborates with us on what they want and need. We set timelines. We allocate resources.


Step 2 - The Research

Our teacreates and gathers all
relevant materials for
the collaboration to be successful.

Step 3 - The Ideation

Now we start the iterative process of
bringing our collaboration to life!

Step 4 - Execute

 Execute, Feedback, repeat!


Finished - The Delivery

Done! We hand over the final deliverables. Time to celebrate!

Our Team

Barbara Bickham

Barbara Bickham

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Barbara is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with extensive experience in Technology and Entrepreneurship. Her current areas of expertise are in the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. She provides strategic advice and technical execution for companies incorporating Blockchain and/or Artificial Intelligence into their company and products.  She has spoken worldwide on Blockchain, Investment and Technology. She mentors and advises multiple companies for blockchain, investment and technology.

Han Ko

Han Ko

Strategic Global Advisor

President & CEO, USAKO Group has 3 decades of experience in international investment in technology and business scale-up. Based on his engineering backgroundHan has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures. His in-depth expertise includes (a) startup accelerator and scale-up for tech industry and (b) real estate development, financing, TDD and TIF for commercial real estate. He engaged numerous speaking and lecture engagements at venues such as Cambridge Innovation Center, universities and economic development centers. He also has played various leadership and advisory roles in multiple for-profit organizations over the decades, serving as an investor/board member/advisor/mentor for multiple startups and mid-size companies in U.S. and Asia. In addition, he has been serving on multiple boards of non-profits, including AACC Chamber of Commerce, the official Presidential Advisory Council member of S. Korea (NUAC), FIRST Robotics and International RoboCup Federation. His media feature includes Year 2020 Top 100 People in Finance by the magazine for his achievement.

Success Stories

Napalm Entertainment in an Interactive Game and Design Studio. Click the link above to experience our interactive Choose your own adventure Facebook game: Climb & Fall. Built on AWS Lambda, powered by AI.

William Pitts

CEO, Napalm Entertainment

An accomplished executive with a strong technical background for the CTO position, who also brings fundraising experience and a passion for fantasy sports.

Edwardo Jackson

Founder & CEO,

Barbara has been an invaluable asset to my team at AllOneWealth. Her knowledge branches into all aspects of tech, blockchain and business management. I cannot recommend her more and am so grateful to have her as an advisor for our team at AOW.

Mark Sauer

CEO, All One Wealth

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