Meet Barbara Bickham

Award winning CTO and VC helps entrepreneurs and investors understand deep technology (Blockchain, AI, Quantum, web3, IoT).

Work History

Has 35+ years experience in Technology and Entrepreneurship Spent 10+ years in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Ran an Angel Investing Group in Los Angeles with 450 Angel Investors Raised Millions of Dollars as a CEO and CTO Worked the last 7+ years as a CTO Architecting and Designing Blockchain, AI and other Deep Tech products Created a Virtual Accelerator teaching the 8 week Due Diligence and Sustainability Intensive Mentor Companies Globally Board member of CryptoKidsCamp, BCIF Advisory Board of the MIND Institute, Project New Dawn and Freeman Capital

Founding & Speaking

Founded TechGenii, Inc., a digital strategy company;, a Forex Software company Been written up in Forbes Magazine Women of Web3 Delegation to Abu Dabi, UAE Spoke at the Inaugural Congressional Black Blockchain Briefing - October 2019 on Blockchain Funding Gaps Spoken in 5 countries on Blockchain Funding Trends Spoken Virtually on Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Funding, Blockchain 101, Global Funding Trends, Remote Work Global Pitch Judge Evaluating Companies Investor Presentation

Han Ko Strategic Global Advisor

President & CEO, USAKO Group has 3 decades of experience in international investment in technology and business scale-up. Based on his engineering background, Han has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures. His in-depth expertise includes (a) startup accelerator and scale-up for tech industry and (b) real estate development, financing, TDD and TIF for commercial real estate. He also has played various leadership and advisory roles in multiple for-profit organizations over the decades, serving as an investor/board member/advisor/mentor for multiple startups and mid-size companies in U.S. and Asia.