10-Day Leadership Challenge

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About this course

Clarify your mission. Fulfill your leadership potential. Conquer obstacles. All in just 10 days.  

People are looking to YOU for leadership.

They want you to help them achieve their goals, fulfill their mission, and overcome challenges they encounter along the way.

But being a leader isn’t easy. It requires both keen insight AND strong action.

If you don’t have both, you won’t make forward progress on your mission.

This 10-day challenge will give you strategic leadership insights each day, as well as specific actions to take to strengthen your leadership skills. If you’re ready to reach your leadership potential, this is for you.

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Day 1: Clarifying Your Personal Mission 2 Lessons

Day 1: Reflection

Welcome to Day 1 of Ten Days to Better Leadership.

Position alone doesn’t make you a good leader. Today we’ll learn how clarifying your personal mission is the foundational step to helping your team align with goals and then execute them.

Day 2: Clarifying Your Personal Goals 2 Lessons

Day 2: Reflection

Welcome to Day 2 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Yesterday was an exercise to clarify your personal mission. Now let’s look at crafting goals that flow out of that personal mission.

Day 3: Identifying Your Personal Roadblocks 2 Lessons

Day 3: Reflection

Welcome to Day 3 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. I hope yesterday you were able to establish some goals that got you really excited about your future.

Day 4: Determine Your Personal ONE Thing 2 Lessons

Day 4: Reflection

Welcome to Day 4 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Did you learn more about roadblocks that could trip you up yesterday? Be on guard for those as you plan. Today we’re going to be diving into the one thing you’ll want to focus on FIRST.

Day 5: Create a Personal Action Plan 2 Lessons

Day 5: Reflection

Welcome to Day 5 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Hopefully, you have your ONE thing picked out and ready to work on from yesterday’s lesson. Today it’s time to take ACTION.

Day 6: Clarify Your Team Mission 2 Lessons

Day 6: Reflection

Welcome to Day 6 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Realistic and manageable steps were assigned yesterday to your ONE thing. I hope that inspired you! Now let’s transition from focusing on your personal mission to focusing on the team you lead.

Day 7: Identify Your Team Goals 2 Lessons

Day 7: Reflection

Welcome to Day 7 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Yesterday we focused on how to clarify your team mission for the benefit of each member and the team as a whole. Now it’s time to get very practical with goal setting.

Day 8: Determine Your Team One Thing 2 Lessons

Day 8: Reflection

Welcome to Day 8 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Your team benefited from identifying team goals yesterday, which leads into today’s topic of choosing one focus.

Day 9: Identify Current Team Roadblocks 2 Lessons

Day 9: Reflection

Welcome to Day 9 of the Ten Days to Better Leadership Challenge. We focused yesterday on getting the team’s focus narrowed down to one specific goal to work on together. That’s great progress!

Day 10: Create a Team Action Plan 2 Lessons

Day 10: Reflection

Welcome to the final day of your Ten Days to Better Leadership Challenge. You’ve come a long way in developing an effective and successful leadership style!

Yesterday, we worked on identifying and eliminating team roadblocks. Now it’s time to put an action plan in place.

Day 11: Final 1 Lesson

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Resources 2 Lessons

10 Important Qualities for Effective Leadership at Work

There are various traits and characteristics that make up an effective team leader. If you want your colleagues to follow you, it’s important to demonstrate certain skills. These will inspire the trust and respect of your team.

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