Blockchain with Blocks

1 Module 2 Lessons Easy

About this course

Learn about the Blockchain with this Simple Art Project.

What is a Blockchain? This simple 30-minute Video Art Project teaches people the very basics of this new technology.

Used at CrytpoKidsCamp, this project can be completed by ages 5 and up.  We have a fun and engaging way to help you understand this new technology.

Course Overview

Blockchain with Blocks - $47
2 Lessons

Video Lesson

What you will learn:
  1. What is a Blockchain?
  2. How does the Art Project Work?
  3. Build the Art Project together (String, Colors, Tape, Numbers)
  4. Final thoughts

What you get:
  • Individual Pages as Blocks (Coloring Book)
  • Final Blockchain Art Project
  • An understanding of a Blockchain


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