Emerging Tech Lab

4 Modules 16 Chapters 48 Lessons Intermediate

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How To Find and Invest In The Next Billion-dollar Emerging Tech Companies The Smart Way

Our 12-week investor mastermind teaches you how to find emerging technology companies to put into your portfolio. We take a deeper look at these technologies going beyond the buzzwords. We use trends to spot opportunities early. We apply venture capital best practices to assess these businesses the smart way.

Course Overview

Emerging Tech Lab - $1000

Hour 1 — Emerging Technology 2 Lessons

Hour 2 — Blockchain 102 3 Lessons

Hour 3 — Artificial Intelligence 3 Lessons

Hour 4 — Augmented Reality 3 Lessons

Hour 5 — Internet of Things 3 Lessons

Hour 6 — Quantum Computer 3 Lessons

Emerging Tech Lab - $1000

Hour 1 - Angel Investor vs. Accredited Investor 3 Lessons

Hour 2 - Investment Thesis 2 Lessons

Hour 3 - Sourcing Deals 2 Lessons

Hour 4 - Portfolio Construction & Tools 3 Lessons

Hour 6 - Due Diligence 2 Lessons

Emerging Tech Lab - $1000
2 Chapters


Journals 2 Lessons


This journal is designed to open your mind to new opportunities and discover exciting new plans that bring you even greater joy, peace, and happiness in your life.

But goals require commitment. Commitment to the pursuit of progress is one of the greatest powers you can have over your life.

Flip through the pages and answer the journal prompts honestly and thoughtfully. This will help you gain clarity about your future and encourage commitment to the steps you need to take on the way there.

Let’s begin…


Inspiration takes hold when you’re passionate about achieving something and confident that you can do it. These simple daily exercises will help you to feel more motivated and take action.

Spending just a few minutes a day going through the prompts in this journal can make a big difference. You’ll figure out what’s holding you back and open up new possibilities.

2 Hours AMA 1 Lesson