November 5

E004: Ethereum Classic Labs


E004: Liz Kukka, Ethereum Classic Labs

Featured Guest Bio:
Liz splits her time between Ethereum Classic Labs, and parent company Digital Finance Group. On a daily basis she can be found: sourcing startups, working with portfolio companies, providing updates to crypto-exchange partners, collaborating with universities, giving talks, and helping get Matrix Exchange ready to launch. Previously, she was at Plug and Play Tech Center where she led the Insurtech startup program globally. She holds an MBA and Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science.

Fund Information:
Our goal is to fulfill the promise of blockchain, to improve people’s lives using Ethereum Classic. We’re fostering partnerships with organizations and institutions in order to address fundamental challenges in developing and deploying this innovative technology. ETC Labs is comprised of an accelerator (grants + investment), ETC Core dev team, partnerships, and R&D.

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