January 14

E012: Her Capital


E012: Tanya Rolfe & Gail Wong: Her Capital

Featured Guest(s) Bio

Gail Wong

Gail has advised businesses on finance, strategy, talent and peak performance since 2001. At Morgan Stanley, she served companies like BlackRock, CIMB, Legg Mason, Netezza, OCBC, TechTarget, Siemens and Temasek. She led diverse teams across Asia, Europe and the U.S.A and successfully executed >$10bn of M&A and financing deals through market peaks and troughs.

Gail invested in 8 startups over 7 years, with the last 3 - as co-founder of the Ladies Investment Club and SheEO evangelist - focused on impact and gender-lens. She generated thought leadership on new investment paradigms; engaged women investors with their money; and analysed hundreds of visionary female-led businesses.

Gail complements traditional corporate finance geekery with a decade of intuitive coaching. A transformative leadership coach who grew up amongst business owners, she has helped >100 purpose-driven women (including portfolio company CEOs) become empowered leaders, better decision-makers and achieve success in their chosen field.

Gail graduated magna cum laude from The Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) and is certified by the International Coaching Federation and in Conversational Intelligence.

Tanya Rolfe

Tanya founded the Ladies Investment Club in Singapore in 2017. Eager to enter the world of venture, she established a team of 40 female investors providing hard to access funding to female founders. Tanya has a track of building investor teams to provide the right combination of skills required to support founders.

Tanya invested in 6 startups during the 2.5 years she managed the Ladies Investment Club and sits on multiple advisory boards. She has experience of working within portfolio companies and pivoting businesses.

Prior to founding the Ladies Investment Club, Tanya had a 15-year legal career at some of the world’s largest law firms. Tanya spent 7 years in Real Estate legal teams before moving into M&A legal management at both Simmons & Simmons and Norton Rose Fulbright in London.

Tanya’s strengths lie in identifying exceptional talent, building strong business relationships with startup founders, without compromising her judgement and applying logic to solving problems.

Fund Information

Her Capital is a venture fund supporting female entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia. We are on a mission to tap into overlooked female founders in the region, addressing the 3% of global venture funding that currently goes to female-led companies, and capture the potential for superior returns. We are driven to harness finance to create a more inclusive world, funding sector-diverse businesses with women at their core.

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