January 21

E013: Beyond Capital Fund


E013: Eva Yazhari: Beyond Capital Fund

Featured Guest Bio

Eva is the Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Capital Fund. Eva has 16 years of experience in investing for social impact. She was previously a Vice President at EnTrust Capital Inc., an asset management firm where she specialized in due diligence and portfolio construction. Eva is also an angel investor, the founder of The Conscious Investor, and co-host of The Beyond Capital Podcast. Eva graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with a degree in Mathematics and currently lives in Dallas with her husband, and their two young children.

Fund Information

Beyond Capital is an impact investment fund that invests in seed-stage, for-profit social enterprises serving impoverished communities throughout India and East Africa.

  • In addition to investment capital, we provide probono (“Beyond Capital”) resources to social enterprises as a crucial part of our early stage investment strategy.
  • Because we are structured as a non-profit, we can reinvest the returns from our investments for perpetual impact.
  • To-date, we have achieved a fund IRR of ~27%

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