January 28

E014: Golden Seeds


E014: Irina Berkon: Golden Seeds

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Irina Berkon, is a proven finance and accounting leader, a CPA with over 15 years of progressive hands-on experience in corporate finance. She brings a solid background in the fields of IPO, start-ups, M&A, financial audits, international accounting and tax structure (US, RU, EU), corporate strategic planning and development, deal structures, sales/supply channels establishment and financing activities. Irina is a member of various industry-specific groups and participates in publications, talks and panels on topics such as fintech, blockchain, compliance and leadership. She has delivered award-winning pitches in her role as CFO, written publications on various topics and has been featured in Forbes and other publications on the topic of fintech and blockchain. Irina is a Managing Director of 'Golden Seeds' one of the nation’s most active early-stage investment firms focused on women-led businesses and the CFO of MetalPay a fintech banking platform for fiat and crypto payments.

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Metal has instituted numerous safeguards to withstand attacks and fraud. With blockchain technology at its core, Metal automates contact between banks, financial institutions, and vendors ensuring that sensitive consumer personal data is kept private. Historically, consumers have endured countless data breaches, at great cost to our economy and confidence. Metal has designed its system to eliminate opportunities for cybertheft and fraud while safeguarding privacy.Metal provides soundness and a level of transparency uncommon in the financial industry. By matching names directly to account numbers, without exposing private data, we can ensure only trusted parties can access financial information and funds on every occasion. Additionally, the fundamentals behind our proprietary blockchain are publicly verifiable, auditable, and immutable.Security is the paramount foundation of the Metal products. All consumers in the Metal system are required to be fully KYC’ed, ensuring their identity is verifiable, reliable, and authenticated with biometric security and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to ensure that only validated account owners are able to access their account information and assets.Above all, Metal is built to be flexible and adaptable. Our revolutionary Proton blockchain can be designed to allow a “Digital Dollar” to run completely within the United States Treasury, built with redundancy and security at its core. By using our system, Digital Dollars can be instantaneously transferred to an in-wallet bank account, with transactions settling in seconds, instead of days, compared to traditional banking.

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