February 11

E016: VegaX Holdings


E016: Natasha Bansgopaul: VegaX Holdings


00:00 Introduction
00:28 So how did you come about getting connected with your platform and your FinTech platform and in the kind of blockchain alternative assets space?
04:00 So tell me a little bit about what your criteria for your platform and how does it work a bit?
07:15 What are you currently reading or learning or listening to these days?
13:31 So in two years when we're having this conversation again, how have, how will you have seen what you do in the blockchain alternative space evolve. Do you see that becoming more ubiquitous?
15:58 How do people contact you?
16:18 Thank you

Featured Guest Bio:

Natasha Bansgopaul is the COO and Co-Founder of digital asset management firm, VegaX Holdings. She is the founder of three fintech companies (DarcMatter, Konstellation, and VegaX holdings) and significantly increased the platform’s assets under management to over $7 Bn. With traditional corporate experience in M&A strategy, marketing, and innovation at Fortune 100 companies including PepsiCo, Natasha continues to make an impact in financial services by creating the next generation of fintech solutions for the global market. Her leadership has been featured in FastCompany, Black Enterprise, and Korea Times, in addition to being awarded the distinguished honor of “Female Executive of the Year” and “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018. Natasha also holds an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University.

Most recently, I became a PIF! A Whitehouse Presidential Innovation Fellow, detailed to the agency - NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) working on AI related projects with leading private sector and academia specialists, to develop best practices for AI development on a government level. I should know more specifics about my role, by the time we get to this webinar 🙂

Fund Information:

VegaX is the “BlackRock” of the Digital Asset Industry. We provide investors globally with one-stop access to sophisticated and secure crypto asset management. The asset management industry is the largest in the world representing more than $80 trillion dollars in investments through investment products like ETFs, mutual funds and indices that outperform investments in individual stocks. VegaX is the first to create similar investment products for Crypto providing investors outperformance versus buying individual crypto currencies. On average, investors buying VegaX products make 30% more profit versus just holding Bitcoin.

Fund Site:







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