Our Masterminds and Communities

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For Investors: Emerging Tech Lab

How To Find and Invest In The Next Billion-dollar Emerging Tech Companies The Smart Way

Our investor mastermind teaches you how to find emerging technology companies to put into your portfolio. We take a deeper look at these technologies going beyond the buzzwords. We use trends to spot opportunities early. We apply venture capital best practices to assess these businesses the smart way.

Female VC Lab Community

Exclusive Content and VIP Community give you better insights into the investment community.

Gain deeper insights into the female investor and venture capital community. Get exclusive video, transcripts, and offers by joining the VIP Female VC Lab Community.

For Entrepreneurs: Core MVP Lab

Find Emerging Tech Investors & Build An Emerging Tech Company For Entrepreneurs

Go from a boot strapped MVP To scale In 6-Months. Find your ultimate investor, scale your Boot Strapped MVP into an emerging tech company, and get your next set of customers.