Female VC Lab Podcast

The Female VC Lab Podcast explores the world of Female VCs. We uncover how these women became VCs, what their investment thesis is, and what are they talking about and learning along their journey.


E013: Eva Yazhari: Beyond Capital FundFeatured Guest BioEva is the Co-Founder and


E012: Tanya Rolfe & Gail Wong: Her Capital Featured Guest(s) Bio Gail


E011: Abby Lyall: Big Idea Ventures Featured Guest Bio Abby Lyall is


E010: Tracy Gray: The 22 FundFeatured Guest Bio:Tracy Gray is the Founder


E009: Leesa Soulodre: R3I CapitalFeatured Guest Bio:As a Xennial, born with an


E008: Carmen Chan: Click VenturesFeatured Guest Bio:Carman Chan is in the cover

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