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We provide flat rate, project based and retained services.

Having a Technology Company Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Technology Strategy

We help determine what technology fits into the company’s overall strategic vision.

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We help companies who want to use new technology innovations within their business to help them gain a competitive advantage or add more revenues to their bottom line.

We assess the current technology is and then help you architect and design a solution that can help your company grow and scale utilizing Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things, and Augmented Reality.

Due Diligence Intensive

We help you show investors why they should invest in your company.

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Due Diligence is the process that an investor uses in order to determine if a company receives funding or not.

Most companies do not pass this phase of the process for 2 reasons:

1. It takes a long time for the company to answer the investor’s questions, and

2. the company does not know what information to provide for the investor ahead of time.

Since there is competition for investors funds, it is imperative to be able to answer their questions as quickly as possible.

The Due Diligence Intensive helps companies become funding ready by providing them with (a) a place where all their Company information lives for investors to readily access during the Due Diligence Process and (b) a 30-page Due Diligence package that the Big 4 use, which includes Blockchain portions.

Blockchain Strategy

We help determine if using the Blockchain fits into the company’s technical and overall strategic vision.

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● Strategic Planning and Strategy Review –  We create a report which gives the company a strategic overview with remedies. This feeds into the larger company strategic vision. Competitive Analysis, Monetization Plan, Build/Buy/Integrate decisions, Blockchain Selection and Token Plans.

● Investor and/or Board Representation – We speak to investors and boards on your behalf.

● Authoring White Papers, Speaking Engagements- We write Blockchain Whitepapers, which include On-Chain, Side-Chain, Off-Chain Architecture, Design, Roadmaps for Products and Technology. We speak on your behalf.

● Token Economics – We help you with your Token Economics, including Multi-Token, Stablecoin, Asset-Backed tokens as well as your mint/burn strategy. We help you with your velocity of money.

● Smart Contract Review and Audit – We do a code review of your ERC-X or other Blockchain Smart Contracts to ensure that they are in compliance and secure

Business Strategy

We help companies compete and innovate to achieve their organisational goals.

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We help companies with their Business Model, Revenue Model, and Monetization Strategy.

We look for additional revenue streams so companies can maximize their revenues.

We design new business models for advanced or innovative technology

One-on-One Strategy Services

We provide 1-on-1 Virtual Strategy Videos or Voice Sessions. See our Client Commitment for more information.

Flat Rate Monthly Services

We provide a set number of hours per month or per quarter for a set price for our services.

CTO Services 

We provide a flat rate price for our CTO Services. We have hours to work within your budget. We split your payment in 2.  See our Client Commitment for more information.

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