Tales from a Female VC: Distractions 

 August 6, 2020

By  Barbara

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Here are the most common distractions that can keep you from being productive. Along with each distraction is a suggested set of solutions to help you overcome the distractions and be more productive.

Distraction: Social Media
- Use an app like “Rescue Time” to physically limit how much you can be on social media.
- Delete social media apps from your phone.
- Turn off all social media notifications.
- Set a social media schedule and only allow yourself to use social media during the allotted times.

Distraction: Email
- Avoid responding to email first thing in the morning.
- Only open your inbox at specified times of the day.
- Turn off all email notifications on your phone and computer.
- Create an auto-response that tells others you’re only able to respond to email on particular days of the week and then stick to that schedule.

Distraction: Slack, Skype, Messenger
- Turn off all notifications on your phone.
- Close apps and only respond to messages at pre-specified times.
- Snooze notifications on desktop versions of the chat app.

Distraction: Text Messages
- Put your phone in a drawer and only take it out at specified times.
- Disable text notifications on your phone.
- Disable text notifications on your smartwatch and laptop.
- Only respond to text messages during specific times of the day.

Distraction: Phone Calls
- Put your phone in a drawer and only take it out at specified times.
- Respond to voicemails at the end of the day after you’ve done your most productive work.
- Put your phone on silent mode during your focused periods.
- Disable notifications on your smartwatch and computer.

Distraction: People Interrupting You
- Close your office door.
- Put on headphones.
- When someone asks for a minute of your time, ask if you can catch them at a later, specified time.

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