Top 3 Tools To Manage Your Time in 2020 

 November 27, 2020

By  Barbara

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Tools should be used in order to improve your productivity, automate your workflow and make your life easier. There are 3 great tools I’ve been using this year that has help me do just that.


Notion is great because you can track everything with it in the cloud. It has great connections with Google Drive, Loom, YouTube, and other platforms. Many people use it for Websites, No-Code Databases, Roadmaps, Bug Trackers, and Project Manager. I use it for Podcast Scheduling, Life Dashboard, Journaling, Corporate Tracker and Meeting Notes. It has a lot of templates to start you off with.


  • Easy to Use
  • Track Everything
  • No-Code/Low-Code use cases


  • Database (List) Functionality
  • Hard to make your own templates


  • Free, Pro (Monthly)

Acuity Scheduling

This cloud based scheduler is now a part of Squarespace, but it does a lot of heavy lifting. Unlike Calendly, this scheduler allows clients to login and save their information. The survey function is robust. It syncs with your calendar, can send follow-up messages and even a text message. It’s easy to use and keep your calendar up to date.


  • Keeps Calendar Synced
  • One Link for Multiple Calendars
  • Group (Class) Calendar Appointments
  • Survey is powerful


  • Admin UI Needs Updating
  • Needs more texts and fewer e-mail messages


  • Pro (Monthly)

Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant

I’m often asked how do I stay so efficient. This is how. I setup the Google Chrome extension for 25 minutes on/5 minute break. Then you get to work. I focus for 25 minutes until the timer beeps. Then I take a break. Not only are you time boxing, you are spending your time and energy focusing on the right things.


  • Keeps you focused on the task at hand


  • Save different Pomodoro times (right now you have to reset it each time you want to change it)


  • Free

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An award-winning CTO and VC Fund Manager helping entrepreneurs and investors understand emerging technology.

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